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The Greek company ADT OMIGA

The Greek company ADT OMIGA announces its desire to work inside Iraq through coordination with the Iraqi-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the most prominent of its services and services.
EDT is one of the largest strategic engineering companies that offers engineering studies with high accuracy and  high quality of work, timely implementation of projects and provide the best solutions and the lowest cost of any engineering challenge facing the company

Where the accuracy, quality, speed and cost in the work are of utmost importance in the implementation of all projects in various fields, where progress through studies in
(Construction of railways, tunnels, airports, streets and bridges, residential complexes, buildings and towers, desalination plants and power plants)
You can see the projects that you have completed through the official website


So do not hesitate to inquire more about the company through us, your solutions you will find with us
Official website: www.i-bcci.com

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