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UK Services

The Services of I-BCCI in UK

  1. Provide services of register to all member companies in Registrar of companies in England and Wales.
  2. London office Provides obtaining the Visa and residence services for the I-BCCI members in Iraq.
  3. Provides opening bank accounts services to the members companies at the British Banks.
  1. Provides conference and seminars services among the Iraqi and the British companies for the purpose of cooperation in various fields and Specializations.
  2. Provide commercials agencies services from all British companies to the Iraqi companies in various Specializations.
  3. Provide the service of hotel reservations with discounts according to their membership degree in the chamber.
  1. Provides projects implementation services from the Iraqi government to British companies for projects  implementation or investment.
  2. Provides service of translation and ratification of commercial transactions between Iraq and London.
  1. Provides services of facilitate Real-Estate and Banking investments in London and Baghdad.
  2. Provide services of representative offices for British companies at the Iraqi government and register them officially at the Iraqi registrar of companies.
  3. Provides the offices with Secretariat and employees according to the required period to the Iraqi companies in London.
  4. Provides training and courses services for all Specializations.
  1. Provide the discounts medical services with discounts in British hospitals.
  2. Provide the school services (obtaining acceptance and registration) for all stages of British colleges and institutes.
  3. Provides economic Feasibility studies to projects of the Iraqi and British companies.
  4. Provide security services to the foreign companies in Iraq.
  5. Provides courses of improving English language skills to the members in London office and if they were not good enough then we can provide a Qualified translators.