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The Secretary-General Meets with the Dean of the University of Baghdad

The Secretary-General of the Iraqi-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Sami Kashkul, met with students from the University of Baghdad at the university’s conference hall.

The meeting began with a speech by Dr. Kashkul, in which he welcomed the students and spoke about the importance of cooperation between the university and the Chamber.

Dr. Kashkul said that cooperation between the university and the Chamber could provide opportunities for students to learn about the business world and gain practical experience. It could also help students develop their own businesses or find job opportunities in local and international companies.

Dr. Kashkul then spoke about the investment opportunities available in Iraq, urging students to invest in their country.

Dr. Kashkul said that Iraq has many natural and human resources that can support business growth. The Iraqi government is also working to improve the investment environment in the country.

Dr. Kashkul also spoke about the importance of the role of youth in building Iraq, emphasizing the importance of investment in education and training.