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I-BCCI Facilities

The Facilities and services of I-BCCI to the Arab and International companies

  • The Legal Department of the I-BCCI is responsible to register the companies at the Ministry of commerce / Foreign companies Department, as well as getting the approval at the Ministries of Iraq to each one according to their fields.
  • Direct Coordination with the Ministries of Iraq and their associations in favor to facilitate the participation of the company.
  • The I-BCCI able to provide special experienced employees in different fields according to the company desire.
  • Approve companies at the Iraqi associations and the commission of investment in all Iraq governorates.
  • Facilitates the process of opening Bank accounts and Letter of Guarantee at the Iraqi and foreign banks inside Iraq and abroad.
  • Guiding and leading the companies in the investment Opportunities with I-BCCI cooperation and Brunches inside Iraq and abroad.
  • Offering industrial, economic and technical studies by the Consultative department of the I-BCCI.
  • Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences and facilitate the participation the companies in The Iraqi conferences such as the Iraqi international Exhibition.
  • Offering the logistic support by providing services like transportations, residence, opening the offices and supplying Furniture.
  • Offering Marketing and Media services in order to promoting for the companies each with its specialization.
  • Printing and publishing the Brochures and catalogs of the companies in coordination with the IBCCI related media agencies.
  • Presenting the offering projects from the international and Arab companies to the companies who are members in the I-BCCI for forward future cooperation.
  • The I-BCCI Identity accredited by Notary Public and Bails in Kurdistan region and all over Iraq.