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The Registration and Accreditation of I.BCCI inside Iraq and Abroad[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1483234646597{margin-bottom: 40px !important;}”]

  • The Iraqi Ministry of Planning, registration number 1/20/233 on 7/7/2004.
  • General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers – Iraq /Baghdad / Non-Governmental Organizations, Registration Number 1Z7430 on 25/2/2013.
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom) certificate number 8837127 on 8/1/2014.
  •  United Nations / Contracts and Procurement office, registration number 392203 on   15/1/2015.
  • Ministry of Justice in Kurdistan regional government in Iraq, registration number 5/2752 on   24/10/2013.
  • Presidency of Kurdistan regional government in Iraq registration number (870- ’A) dated in 16/7/2013.
  • Presidency of the Ministers Council in Kurdistan registration Number 757 on16/7/2013.
  • Iraqi Council of Representatives / Civil Society organizations and Economics and Investment (602) on 16/11/2015.
  • The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Economical office, registered letter 17/3/1/402 on 16/6/2015.
  • The Iraqi Ministry of Justice / Notaries Public registration number 8/3/2/ sh /t/5069  on 28/11/2013.
  • Ministry of trade of Kurdistan regional government, registration number 24 on 20/2/2013.
  •  The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan Ministry of Industry and Trade and supply, registration number 137 on 1/6/2006.
  • Accreditation Ministry of Trade / Private sector Development Directorate, Iraq International Trade Point Number N/2/31336 on 30/10/2016.
  • Presidency of the Council of Ministers / National Investment Commission Number K/475 on 29/11/2016.

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