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Company overview

I-BCCI- Iraqi British chamber of commerce and Industry is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization. I-BCCI established in 2004 in Baghdad. Since it established, I-BCCI preformed a large number of activities and events. Through these, the chamber was able to make several agreements with trade and industry companies and associations, hold local and international conferences and exhibitions and fairs, cooperate with international chambers and development enterprises in order to develop the investment sector in Iraq and promoting it on the international level. Moreover, theI-BCCI awarded prizes to investment companies in order to encourage them to expand their investments in Iraq.The I-BCCI considered as representative of number of companies and businessmen with different pecializations .

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Our mission

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • The I-BCCI also signed mutual agreements for cooperation with large number of organizations, associations and chambers for trade and industry.
  • The chamber is a formal linkage member on ministry if trading and industry in Iraq at a national trading point/Iraq.
  • Keen the chamber on develop business and security of the operating companies in Iraq so it was established (loyal, research ,advisory ,and economic centers that has an elite of (Iraqi and foreigner) specialist that in this fields .
  • The chamber was worked on which including holdings of staffs on facilate the work of conference that wishing to investigate in Iraq and present all of loyal and logistic services to this companies 
The I-BCCI has a mutual cooperation agreements with
  • The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • NWLCC (North Western Lancashire Chamber Of Commerce.
  • The Baghdad Chamber Of Commerce (convention of cooperation signed at a date of 25/1/2005 .
  • The Erbil Chamber Of Commerce/ Kurdistan region.
  • The cooperation agreement with the Arab league/ the Arab Organization for Administrative Development , The IBCCI was selected as a member in the Arab league jury committee for the      international commerce>
  • Thecooperation Agreement with the union of the Arab investors
    (UAI) in the Arab republic of Egypt.
  • Investigation organizations in a governorate  of Iraq .
  • Ministries and associations in Iraq.
The I-BCCI has been registered and accredited in
  • General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers – Iraq /Baghdad / Non-Governmental Organizations, Registration Number 1Z7430 on 25.2.2013.
  • The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Economical office,registered letter 17/3/1/402 on 16.6.2015.
  • The Iraqi Ministry of Planning, registration number 1/20/233 on 7.7.2004.
  • The Iraqi Ministry of Justice / Notaries Public registration number 8/3/2/ sh /t/5069 on 28/11/2013.
  • Assistance center of non-government office, registration number 1069 on 23.4.2006.
  • United Nations / Contracts and Procurement office, registration number 392203 on 1.2015.
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom) certificate number 8837127on 8.1.2014.
  • Presidency of Kurdistan regional government in Iraq registration number (870- ’A) dated in 16.7.2013.
  • Ministry of Justice in Kurdistan regional government in Iraq, registration number 5/2752 on   10.2013.
  • Ministry of trade of Kurdistan regional government, registration number 24 on 20.2.2013.
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade / Jordan, registration number 137 on 1.6.2006.
  • Presidencyofthe Ministers Council in Kurdistan registration Number 757 on16.7.2013.
(I-BCCI)’s Activities
  • The publishing of advertisement and being  in charge of the information  campaigns for the benefit of the  High Independent  Electoral commission special for the formulating  the constitution  and its referendum- as well as the Iraqi Parliamentary elections for the year 2005. The above was achieved through media. in addition  to the media campaign in the local press for the  elections of the provinces councils in 31.01.2009,
  • being responsible for the TV advertisements for The IFES company of the United Nations, designated to inform the voter about the elections’ mechanism, as well  an advertisement that include Television interviews  with the commission Members to discuss the elections.
  • The publishing of advertisements and the being responsible of the information campaigns for the benefit of the High Independent Electoral Commission special for formulation of the constitution and its referendum- as well as the Iraqi Parliamentary Elections for 2005, the above achieved through media. In addition to the media campaign in the local press for the elections of the provinces councils in 31.01.2009, also being responsible  for the TV advertisements for IFES company of the United nations, designated to inform the voter about the elections mechanism, as well as an advertisement  that include TV interviews  with the commission members to discuss the elections.
The I-BCCI is the sole agent for the Bell international school In Iraq
  • This school is considered one of the best schools specialized in teaching and developing skills of English learning. According to this the representation authorization, I-BCC facilitate the participations I the courses that are held by the mentioned school in Cambridge and London according to the type and period of the course,

    for example:

    • Training courses to the governmental sector.
    • Languages courses to the private sector.
    • Training courses related to Banks.
    • Training courses to Businessmen.
    • Improving languages courses to individuals and groups.